Saturday, January 19, 2013

Picture my Day

Today went by so fast, doing small tasks. On Saturdays I volunteer as a teacher and teacher's aid at my local church. I didn't get home until a little after 11am.
Afterwards, my sister and I took our dog to the vet. We had to leave him there and pick him up after 2 hours, which was hard because we had never left him alone in the hands of a stranger before today. We went home and ate breakfast (brunch since it was already after 12).
Saturdays are usually the days when we go out to eat fast food and so before calling the vet to see if our dog was ready, I asked my family members what they wanted me to bring them to eat. The veterinarian's office said we could pick up our dog and so we left our house to get him and our food.
While buying food at a local market place I went to a fantasy jewelry vendor and bought two packs of cute earrings ($1 each pack).
Our second to last stop before heading back home was a donut shop, for dessert. When we got home I passed out the food, then I sat down and ate my own meal.
While eating my sister and I watched "Once Upon a Time" and we have been watching them until a few minutes ago. Although, we stopped at times so that it could load, during that time I gave my dog his medicine, downloaded some apps to get organized with schoolwork and lesson planning, and I checked my students' work.
I didn't clean my closet today, but there's always tomorrow or the day after that or the day after

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