Thursday, January 24, 2013

Video Packed!

So today I didn't really go out. I stayed home and planned on watching Frankenstein (1994), but Netflix didn't have it online. Instead of watching that I watched the first Frankenstein (1910) and am probably going to use both films for a paper this quarter. So procrastinating sometimes pays off, and great ideas come to you.
Anyways, I watched "Trip to the Moon" which was a homework assignment, yippee for doing a hw assignment. The short watch made me love "Hugo" more than I already did (both the book and the movie).
Then, I spent the rest of the day watching YouTube videos and catching up on shows I missed.
I plan on watching the rest of my assigned homework assignments tomorrow and if time permits more Youtube videos.
Time to go back to sleep. What do you do in order to fall asleep? I just think about things I have to do or make up little stories, unless I'm really tired then I just knock out. When I go to Mexico (where I have my own room) I also listen to music for a while.

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