Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Clothing Swap #1

As I posted before, I am going to hold a clothing swap meaning that whoever is tired of their clothes and wants something new (not necessarily new clothes) can change a piece of clothing with someone else. So, all of the pieces that I recently found in my closet are shirts, but that does not mean that if you like a shirt and want to swap something for it the piece of clothing does not have to be a shirt. It does have to be clothes though.
I am going to post the pictures of the clothes and give them a name, their size, and why I want to swap them. If anyone wants to swap a piece of clothing with one that I have here please let me know by commenting below. Also, they all look wrinkled, but that is because they have been hiding in my closet in a while (they are all clean).
Disney: Eeyore Night Shirt
 Size: Small (6/8) 
Description of Swap: This shirt is comfortable and cute, but I am pretty tall and have gained weight so the shirt feels short on me and shows the bottom of my tummy. I only wore it once so there is no tag on it.
Graphic Baseball Tee

Size: Large (14-16)
 The (2) pictures above show this very comfortable shirt, that fits short on me because I am tall and chunky.
Maggie's Pub Holiday T-shirt

 Size: Large
The shirt above is very light weight and comfortable, but it fits short on me because I am tall and chunky
(almost all my shirts are here for this reason).
Aeropostale Preppy

 Size: Large
This collared shirt is from aeropstale's slim fit collection and it fits me short, but does feel slimming and looks cute with a sweatshirt and the collar pepping out.
Tulle Tank
 Size: Extra Large
This shirt is perfect with tights and is very comfortable, but I don't like how it looks on me because my tummy sticks out.
Papaya: Paris A-Symmetrical Shirt
 Size: Large
This shirt is light weight and can dress up any casual outfit. I like this shirt, but I don't really like that one of the  sleeves slouches to one side rather than being symmetrical.
Planet Gold: Cropped Top
 Size: Large
This is a cute shirt, but I have found that cropped top don't look good on me especially now that I have gained a tummy.
Stretchy Turtle Neck
Size: Unknown
This is a very comfortable sweater, but I am not a fan of turtlenecks. Enough said, lol.

Let me know if anyone is interested and tell me which piece of clothing you want and which piece of clothing you are willing to give up. Also, let me know what the size of the outfit that you are giving up is.

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