Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wishlist Items

There are always moments when I see something and want them so bad no matter how weird they are and who I see them on. Here are two pair of shoes I saw today and want badly.
The first pair of shoes are  Hellraisers (which I saw a while back, but still like) and they look so cool and comfy. I would love them and would wear them out so fast. I would love the black ones since they go with anything, I would also get the pink ones if I had money since they would add a pop of color to a dark outfit.

The next pair of shoes are Jeffrey Campbell Litas. I saw them on a girl at school today and fell in love. These are cool because they make a dull outfit stand out and believe me I have a bunch of dull outfits. 
I know that Litas are trending right now and I have seen so many YouTubers wearing the black Litas, but never these and there are plenty more cool ones just look for them on Google images although some might not be Jeffery Campbell, but that might just mean... bargain!
Fascinated by these beauties...

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