Wednesday, January 11, 2012

OOTD & Hair Rut

This week I started school so I have been dressing a bit more casual especially because I wake up early and I feel frozen. So here is my outfit and as I said in an earlier post I didn't get time to do my make-up and I wanted to show how I layer my sweaters when I wear my boots. Also, please excuse the mess behind me at the moment I am using my room to take pictures and sorry for the bad photography I am taking of myself.

 This jacket has plenty of zippers as I said this is my version of a leather/pleather jacket.

 I am in a rut and putting my hair up any chance I can get. I always make it into a bun and today I decided to make it messy in the back and nice in the front. I like this hairstyle because it looks nice and is comfortable and fast to do on a lazy day.
 As you can see I have my purse behind  me (under the laptop case) which I will feature in a later post.
As I am uploading these pictures I am realizing that all of the clothes I wore today were gifts. I will let everyone know where some of them are from, but I don't know the prices so bare with me.
I got the shirt  for my birthday two years ago it came from The Racks. The long purple scarf is from Forever21 which my friend got me for Christmas.The brown sweater is a fake channel for all I know, I got it from an aunt in Mexico a few years back for Christmas. The black sweater is from Woman Within which I got from my sister. My sister also gave me the sweats which she got from Fashion Q Plus. Finally, I got the boots from a Flee Market for $19 and yes, they were brand spanking new. (:

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