Thursday, January 12, 2012

OOTD- Casual Pirate

Today was not as cold as other days so I layered a thin sweater along with two shirts under my black zipper jacket. I gave my boots a day off and wore my purple vans (gifted). I took of my sweaters before noon because it got really hot and I wasn't even outside. I am not wearing my sweaters in these pictures, but I still include a picture of how I wore the sweaters.

 The gray and white striped sweater has holes (knitted) and I wanted to show that on the picture above, but the picture doesn't do the sweater justice.

 I also wear this watch a lot in order to know when my next class begins. I got it Christmas 2010 for $9.99 or $19.99 at Kmart.

 This is the purse I said I wanted to talk about. I got it during Winter break in Mexico. It only cost $5 and it can turn into different purses by using the clips that are arranged around the bag. It is a really spacious bag and looks nice with my boots. The only down side is that when I bought the bag I forgot to ask the people for the instructions on how to make the bag take a different shape so I only know how to store it, how to do the look above, and how to leave it as a big bag without fastening buttons. If anyone knows where I can find the directions please let me know in the comments and a huge thanks in advance.

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