Monday, March 3, 2014


Monday mornings are always the worst, I get up tired and I want to wear my comfy pajamas all day; that would be weird so instead of wearing a onesie to school I grab the next best thing... yoga pants. I didn't get a picture of them, but they are a black pair with a turquoise tribal print band on the top which I got at Target last year for $10. Here is a picture I took of myself while riding up an elevator today...

I am wearing a gray hooded jms shirt from Dd's which I got for Christmas two years ago. On top of the shirt I am wearing my favorite purple sweatshirt that I got from a Fallas Paredes store for less than $5. I am also wearing my black low top converse and my tribal print backpack. 
Also, I braided my hair to one side since I knew I would be putting my hoodie on, which I do whenever I wear this shirt because it makes me feel so comfortable and warm. 

I just learned how to braid my own hair this past week or so and I am so happy that I want to braid my hair every chance I get. 

Zoe (also known as Zoella) recently uploaded a video on how to do a halo braid and because of her video I ventured  into the multitude of hair videos to find a simple tutorial that taught me how to braid my hair. I learned the plain braid using a video, I can't recall the name of, but ever since I've been thinking of what I can add to my hair to make it look nicer. Having learned to braid my hair makes me want a bunch of different hats and caps even though I feel as if I don't have the face/head for a hat. It also makes me want to get bangs again because I have been debating on wether or not I should cut my hair and get bangs for a while now. Similar to the bangs I first had many years ago and sort of looked like Demi Lovato's fringe...
Then I can place my hair in a bun or in a braid or just let it down and it would look nice. Except I would have to straighten my bangs every single day since my hair is curly. 

Let me know what you think, bangs or no bangs?


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