Monday, March 10, 2014

Savings Time

We are at the one digit numbers everyone! Spring break feels so close especially with the time change. I got out of my second to last class today and was amazed at how sunny it still was. I usually get out at 6pm from that class and it is already dark out, but not today. Here is proof...
Look at how high the sun is on that picture.
Arriving to one of the buildings for my last class and it looks like the middle of the day. 

Other than the beautiful weather I experienced today, I got an assignment back from one of my classes and got an A. Score!
I had to wait for most of the students to leave before I could go get my paper. There are just to many of us.
And now I'm just going to sit down and eat some dinner, and a Resse's McFlurry for dessert. 


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