Friday, March 14, 2014

REcongress Day 1

Yesterday I was using my Songza app and one of the options of a music playlist was Spring Break which I thought was appropriate for me (in a few days).
Today was the first day of REcongress and it was tiring, so here is my day in pictures. 
I ate lunch under a bunch of palm trees, it looked beautiful.
I had three classes, in my last class there was a puppet named Big Al. 
A blurry close up of the blue fellow.
Playing with a new app while I waited for my friend to get out of her class.
They were offering massages $1 for each minute.
This is the one moment when the Convention center looked empty which was when people had either left or had gone into mass.

That's about it I was going to take more pictures, but I was running out of battery. Anyways I have two more days where I can get more pictures.


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