Sunday, March 2, 2014

I should be trying to go to sleep right now since tomorrow I go to school, but I hadn't written anything today and I didn't want to miss a day. Yesterday was bad enough with one of the shortest posts ever. No one in my life knows that I have this blog, mainly because I like to vent and I don't want to limit myself because of other people's opinions. I was writing yesterday's post and as I was writing my sister asked what I was doing so instead of telling her I completely ignored the question and just wanted to stop typing as to be rid of any further questioning. I blame myself for doing this because what came out of it was a short post and a lack of courage to talk about something I do for fun. One day I might tell people about my blog, but for now I really like having this little happy place that I can talk and keep as my little secret. 
Am I the only one who writes a blog just to write for oneself? I truly doubt it.
I'm about to turn off my iPod and knock out. 

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