Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Today I updated my school notes and did an assignment that is due tomorrow. I also watched a few videos and caught up on two days worth of tweets since I didn't have time to check Twitter all day on Monday. I have yet to catch up on all the blogs I follow, but I usually read them in between classes using my Feedly app. There are a few blogs that I have to read on my laptop because they crash my safari and Feedly app when I try reading them on my iPod. So, today I wanted to share a few of the blogs I read/follow because it's always nice to find a new blog (these are in no particular order).

Most blogs I follow are Fashion & Lifestyle Blogs:
Lady Smart
Frilly + Fancy
Fashion Bananas

And then there are How To blogs:
Thrifty Decor Chick

And Makeup:
Kandee Johnson

And a bunch more that I need to share in a later post I think this is enough for this post. Please go check out these blogs and follow them if you like them. I know that many of these are popular, but I didn't know of them all once upon a time. There are some people on the list who I followed from the very beginning which feels awesome to say...hahaha... if there are any readers who have new blogs or are thinking of starting one leave a link below so I, along with everyone else, can go check it out. I enjoy adding blogs to my reading list, and after posting this I might go on a follow spree depending if I find anything.

Happy Blogging,

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