Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Hello everybody,
Today was an awesome day because I don't need to worry about two classes since I already took the final for them. I have an essay to write which I am concentrating on tomorrow and then the final for that class on Wednesday morning and then once I finish my friend and I are going to work on the take home final that is due Wednesday night. We already started working on it today during one of our breaks and it seems easy enough there are 10 true/false questions and then some short answer questions which aren't as hard as I first thought, all I need is my textbook and my notes (along with a friend).
Anyways today was a big day for LA because people were woken up by an earthquake. I found out once I woke up and checked my Twitter account that there was an earthquake of 4.4 magnitude that had everyone in hysterics. I of course slept through the whole thing and even though my entire family was awake when it happened none of them felt it because they were either out for a stroll or driving. Other than the earthquake, today is St. Patrick's day which means a lot of green. I wore my green button up that I got for Christmas last year. I didn't take a picture because I completely forgot to do it. There weren't many other people wearing green, but I get it people just don't care about things like that. Anyways, I hope you had a good day even if it is a Monday.

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