Saturday, March 8, 2014

Saturday Recap

It seems as if I spent the entire day with my brother today. I woke up got dressed and then along with my brother waited a few minutes before going to church. We then went to church to teach and we spent three hours together co-teaching. Once classes were over we talked to "coworkers" about carpooling to the event I talked about a few posts ago, which I will be attending this upcoming weekend. After making plans (somewhat) my brother and I walked home. Then I laid down for a few minutes because I was basically in a K. O. kind of state. Then I went over to my brother's house were we decided to watch a movie, we watched Baby Mama with Tina Fey. But before we actually watched the film my sister and I went out to buy some take-out for the family. My brother and I ate and watched the film and once we finished the film we started catching up on a show that I love. The show is on its last season, which is sad because it is the only show I am in love with at the moment, btw the name of the show is Being Human (US) which comes out on Syfy on Mondays. So we watched I think 6 episodes of season 4 today so we need to watch two more episodes to be caught up by Monday. We'll see if we actually do that tomorrow, but if not it won't matter because I'm at school on Mondays meaning I don't get to watch it along with everyone else. So, yeah now I have to go to sleep because we are loosing an hour because of that Spring Forward thingamajig that happens every year, worst part is that these last two weeks of school are already going take a lot out of me. 
Well, that vacation will be well deserved.

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