Tuesday, March 18, 2014


I said I was going to use all of today to write the essay that is due tomorrow, but let's be honest it took me a few hours and I didn't start writing it until the evening. This always happens to me I wake up, I'm ready to do my thing after breakfast and then the symptoms of procrastination start to kick in. I watch a video while I eat breakfast so once I'm done there is always that factor of one more video won't hurt, until you realize that the video you just watched just hurt your pre-set agenda. I began to watch videos that weren't even in my subscription box, and subscribing to new people. I now know that I'm gonna be hooked on thrifting videos once I'm on vacation because that's all I wanted to watch today. Once I realized that I was watching videos of people I wasn't even subscribed to I went back to my home screen to try and tackle the videos that were in my subscription box. All of this was happening while my word document was open to a semi blank page, this time I didn't just have my name written on the page, I also had a few questions I needed to answer in my essay. I had decided to write an answer to each question in paragraph form, that later changed. Once I was on my subscriptions page again I found a video of someone doing a quiz on Buzzfeed and after that my day was ruined (not really my day, but my plans). I was sucked into the vortex that is Buzzfeed; I took all the quizzes I could find, read all the articles that caught my eye, and tried downloading the app. But once again my iPod failed me for I do not have iOS 7.
The following occurred....

Since I was using my laptop all day, once I used Buzzfeed on my iPod I realized that things would be tough to enjoy when things didn't really work.

Although that grumpy cat picture does make the website even better, I went back to using my laptop. Also, my iPod died on me so I had to charge it before I could use it again. I then found one of the best Selena Gomez memes out there which according to Buzzfeed is a meme that can be applicable to any life situation which is true. 
 After hours of playing on the Internet I finally sat down at some time around 8pm and started writing. I finished a few minutes before 10pm so that's awesome. The thing I realized is that I must now wake up extra early in order to print it. Tomorrow morning is gonna be a hassle, but on the bright side it's my last day of Winter Quarter. 
The final thing I want to admit to today is that I eat way too much when I am trying (succeeding) to procrastinate. I only realized it when my sister started telling me to get to work and I went the childish route and walked to the kitchen to make myself a bagel. Today I ate cereal, a bowl of fruit, candy, dinner, a bagel, an oreo milkshake, and hot Cheetos. I am super unhealthy, if only I procrastinated by working out every so often, then I would probably feel good about myself at the end of the day, both for finishing my work and for toning my body. 
Anyways, I need to go to sleep now so I can wake up tomorrow. That's the only thing I am stressing about, waking up once the test is over.

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