Sunday, March 16, 2014

Finals Week

 Last night I wrote about being full because I had eaten so much food. Well, I couldn't sleep because my stomach hurt, I kept re-positioning myself and I never once found a good spot.  I woke up today and ate a light breakfast, a simple bread. Then I went to the market to buy the weekly groceries. For dinner I made myself two hot dogs and they were delishious; they were simple just a spicy sausage, fried onions, and Hawaiian King  bread...drools. I did a bit of school work, but not much because today was a really hot day meaning I was super duper lazy and I was still trying to recuperate from these past few days. Tomorrow I am going to study for each of the classes I have, then on Tuesday I will write my essay, and on Wednesday I will do my take home final and turn it in through email. I will be done with this quarter by Wednesday night, hooray! 

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