Thursday, December 12, 2013

Blogmas Day 12: Relax

I made it to the 12th day of Christmas!
 I didn't do much today, I just relaxed with my brother today. This weekend is going to be more relaxed because I won't be worried about school work, so although I'm going to be shopping most of the weekend and hanging out with my nephews before going on vacation I will be stress free. So, there will be a lot to do this weekend especially since it's the last weekend before leaving and my siblings who work want to get things before leaving so I'll accompany them to whatever place they go. 
I want to go to the library tomorrow afternoon because my local library is going to have a book sale, which would be great to go to since I'm going to get bored on the road and need some sort of entertainment. We'll see if I end up going or not if I do I'll post a book haul tomorrow.
Until then be safe,

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