Friday, December 13, 2013

Blogmas: Friday the 13th & Saturday Shopping

My favorite number is 13 and it's also my favorite day especially if it turns out to be a Friday. When I'm on vacation I tend to forget what day it is so I didn't realize the date until the evening. Nothing bad tends to happen to me it's just another normal day. 
I recently got hooked on a game called Campus Life so I've been playing that. I bought four books at the library, but I'll show those later since I might go back.  
...and that is where I stopped writing yesterday before taking a shower and knocking out. As I am writing this I am also remembering that I forgot to eat my chocolate from today's little box of my advent calendar, boy is this vacation needed and taking a toll on memory. Well, I bet I jinxed myself yesterday by saying that nothing bad happens to me on any Friday the 13th, I messed up my daily blog streak. 
I'm just going to combine today's and yesterday's if you all don't mind. Today was a long day, but at the end it was worth all the time. First of we, meaning my sister and I, went to teach all morning. And like this past weekend we raced, not really, back home got our dog and took him to the vet, we then went to the bank and went back home. After eating a cup of noodles and some bread we went to buy food for everyone in the house including my nephews which meant an hour and a half out getting all the food. We got back home and ate lunch (dinner) and watched "Easy A", well the beginning of the film. Once my sister and I finished eating we went out to buy Christmas presents that she wanted to get everyone in the house. We started at the mall where we made our way to Hot Topic, we were looking for my Christmas present, footie pajamas, but alas all we found was a packed store and a cute array of Disney stuff among other things, like grumpy cat stuffed animals, amazing. We then decided to go to Walmart since we had seen some there and I found the perfect pair there were only two one size medium and an XL, I was disappointed because I wanted a 2XL, I mean the baggier the better right, but my sister convinced me to try them on so I did...
And I fell in love, even more that is, they are purple (my fav. color), they have pockets and a hoodie, and it has zipper rather than buttons. Plus, it feels like I'm being swaddled which feels nice on a cold night, yes I am wearing them as I write this.
We then bought some things for my two brothers and my dad, my sister also bought herself a few things and she bought me a few bras and an awesome backpack which I'll try to post once I start using it. Once we checked out, the line was actually small today (did I already use the word amazing today), we went to Ross to buy my dad t a few polo shirts and find something else for my brother, we found some blue converse for $13.99, score! We then went to buy my mom some hair dye since she wants me to do her hair before we leave, although she wants to wait until sometime this week in order to have nice hair the entire trip. We are going to take her Christmas shopping tomorrow since she is picky and it would be much easier. Anyways, once we got out from Sally's Beauty Supplies we went to Tutti Fruity. Once we got home we called in the unsuspecting victims and gave them their gifts, I think we all loved what we got. We finished watching "Easy A" while eating our frozen yogurt and then just laid down for a bit and watched "Get Him to the Greek". And that was it for today.

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