Monday, December 9, 2013

Blogmas Day 9: Finals!

It's almost day 10, but I made it before crunch time.
Today was quite different than my regular Mondays this quarter. I usually have Mondays off, but today I had to go to school to take a final and then also go to mass that was honoring catechism teachers. 
Let me start off with what I did today. I woke up and finished writing the assignment that is due tomorrow morning. Then I changed and did my hair and makeup. Then I went to school for my final which was scheduled for today instead of the usual early Wednesday. I finished in less than 30 minutes because I already knew most of the answers and the essay question at the end was about the same topic I wrote about on my 12 page essay (awesome). I came back home and freaked out for a second because I thought I had lost my flash drive which has all my work including the two essay I hadn't turned in, but I found it on my sister's bed so I was happy. I got them printed so now I'm fine if the flash drive gets lost (just kidding, losing things is not fine). I ate some awesome spaghetti and Hawaiian sweet rolls then I tried studying for tomorrow's morning final, but failed, both because it was too cold and because my sister came home and turned on the TV. Then I went to church for a bit more than an hour since I had to go early. Once I came home I gave up on trying to study and just laid under the covers (bad idea). I just came back from my shower and before going to sleep, I am laying here typing this out on my iPod. 
Tomorrow is the last hectic day since I have to be at school a bit after 10 am to take a final I didn't study for which isn't multiple choice (terrifying), then I have more than 7 hours depending on when I finish my final to write a 5 page paper, and then I have to go to class turn in that paper and take my final (luckily it is multiple choice). After that I'm worry free even though I have my last final Thursday night (I have all morning to study especially since I already finished my essay for that class). I'm excited even though tomorrow will be to say the least hectic,  I mean worst case scenario is I die, right?
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