Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Blogmas Day 17: The Vet

I had a feeling that today would be a long day because we had to take my dog to the vet. Behold not only did it feel long it was also stressful. My dog is a bit more than 13 years old so it's completely normal to have to go to the vet multiple times a year. Well, he has a bad heart so there are many complications which he needs medicine for. We had to get a permit in order to take him out of the country which means getting vaccinations, because of his heart he gets bloated and he has to get drained of liquids that build up in his abdomen, legs, and at times his face. Today we took him in because his awesome vet advised us to get him drained (tapped) before leaving in order for him to be comfortable during the trip, unfortunately she wasn't the vet on call today so he got everything done by another vet who I don't really care for because he isn't as careful with my dog and takes a long time doing procedures. Usually it would take 15 minutes or less to get tapped, with this vet we had to leave our dog at the vets for an hour in order to let them work on him. Not only did they not call us to pick him up an hour later, but they also went on their two hour lunch break meaning our dog was stuck in a cage for more than four hours before we got to take him home. And the vet wanted to speak to me to let me know that my dog will die soon, which we already know can happen any day now because of his condition, but my dog has been "ready to die" this whole year so the fact that this vet was acting as if my dog had to be put down made me mad. Our regular vet knows my dog already and she knows that he is sick, but isn't sick enough to be put down because he is a fighter ( in fact he is known as the grumpy one). After having to listen to the vet's comments about my dog, I came home and boy was my dog mad at me. He didn't let me touch him for hours, I felt so bad. I wish I could have been with him the entire time he was at the vets, he was probably scared and sad and hungry. This was the third time I had to leave him at the vets office and although the first time was the hardest because I had never left him there by himself, this time was horrible because I didn't know why they were taking forever and I knew this vet was going to do something I wouldn't like (maybe even without consent). I was just afraid and praying my dog wasn't as stressed out as I was as I waited to pick him up, he probably felt very lonely.
I would write more but as you can tell I am to upset to write anything else. I only have one more day before we hit the road so I might stop doing Blogmas tomorrow because I still have a lot to do and might not be able to sit down and write some scheduled posts.
We shall see, 

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