Monday, December 16, 2013

Blogmas Day 16: Packing

During these last few days, I begin wearing clothes that I plan on leaving behind. Today I'm wearing an old ripped and stained shirt and a pair of comfy sweats...
I finished packing so I know what I can and cannot wear in these last two days. I still need to pack my makeup and then figure out what I'm going to take as entertainment while on the road. 
Today I went to a few stores with my dad to buy a few more Christmas presents for our family in Mexico. I watched a movie with my brother today. And once my sister got home from work I went to Target and Walmart for a few pieces of clothes she needed. She also bought me a nice pair of yoga pants that were $10 and a nice shirt that we found on the clearance rack that I plan on wearing on Christmas. At Walmart we got a duffle bag each for our clothes, I managed to get all my clothes in it and still had extra room.
I'm just hoping that I don't forget anything because that would suck. The Internet stopped working on my iPod this afternoon so I just got to watch YouTube videos, I still haven't caught up to all the videos I missed and am missing since finals week. So, I hope I can catch up before I leave because once I get back it will be worse.

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