Sunday, December 8, 2013

Blogmas Day 8: Nonstop Work

Hey there everyone, get ready for another lengthy post. I had a long day today it seems as if I didn't get everything I wanted to do done today, but here is what I did end up doing.

To start of the day I woke up around 7, changed, and went to mass with my family, we usually sit outside, but it was to cold so we pilled inside of the building and tried to keep warm. Once mass ended we drove to a nearby carniceria type restaurant and bought some food, to take home of course. After we had all finished our breakfast my dad, sister, brother and I went to a swap meet to look for some things we could take to Mexico or just any deals. My dad bought my brother a sweater that my sister had gotten the week before (its the reason he went with us) and my sister got two sweatpants. We also bought two stuffed monkeys to take to some of the kids in Mexico, because we usually take them something small for Christmas. 
Some time after 12 we got back home, my sister and I picked up my mom and went to Walmart where we usually go buy groceries every week. We got all the things we needed and headed to check out, but every register had a huge line so we got in line and no joke we were in line for more than an hour, everyone was complaining and it just sucked. We had to buy a freshly made rotisserie chicken because it was already late and we knew we would get home and the three boys would be hungry. We got out of the store around 3 pm we were so tired, hungry, and thirsty that we decided to buy some Honeyboba before heading home. We all also had to use the restroom so my mom didn't want her own drink.
We got home unloaded the car, used the restroom, and sat down for a few minutes. I sat down because I needed to cut my dog's medication and place it in a container we bought from dollar tree to make it easier for us to give it to him throughout the week. It looks like this... 
Yep, we use this for my dog, it's a lot easier because he needs medicine three times a day so having it done beforehand makes the process easier. After placing all his medicine in each container I went to the kitchen to heat up some mac and cheese so my brothers and dad could eat. After they were all fed my mom, sister, and I got into my sister's car this time to go to the 99 cents only store which we always go to after Walmart to buy simple everyday stuff for less money. We went in and it was already getting dark meaning sometime before 5 pm, we got all the things we needed plus some stuff, I got two packs of Christmas lights for my little Christmas trees. Then we drove to a nearby gas station and I put gas in my sister's car, we headed to another 99 cents store that is more generic to buy toilet paper and chips that my brother asked for. Since we hadn't eaten we went to a nearby Chinese food place and bought ourselves some food. After unloading the car we all sat down to eat our food. Once I was done with my food I came onto my bed and wrote one of the papers I was working on yesterday, I actually finished it right at 8. I got to lay down for an hour and watch Once Upon a Time with my sister. At 9 I checked my paper, added and deleted a few things, and then I was actually done. 
I have to write two more things before Tuesday, read a few chapters of two books before Tuesday, and I still have to study for all of my finals including for the one I have tomorrow afternoon. 
Wish me luck,

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