Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Blogmas Day 3: Music & Essays

Hello Everyone!
I am so excited because I just finished one of my big assignments which I was afraid of doing and was putting off for such a long time that I literally finished a day before it is actually due. It was a 12-15 page paper which I wasn't as excited to write and although I ended up writing 11 pages instead of the 12 minimum, there was a sort of fine print that said it had to be a minimum 3,300 word essay which I surpassed. In order to write this essay without procrastinating as much as usual I decided to break down my time and number of pages and give myself a reward for finishing a page in a certain amount of time.  As you can see below I wrote each hour I had to write this essay and then I wrote that I had to finish a page by the end of that hour in order to do whatever I wrote next to it and if I didn't write that page on time I had to finish both that page and the next page before the next hour was over in order to do one of the two things I had written down. It worked well and I actually finished earlier than I thought I would because by the end it felt like I was playing a game and I was almost at the finish line. 

Another factor that helped me write this essay which is my usual little helper when doing work is and was Pandora. I made a new station and I think if you click the hyper-linked Pandora in the previous sentence you can actually see what station it is. If not then, I am listening to, drum roll please... Christmas music! Yes, yesterday I was just so antsy about having to start the essay and I was just silently wishing someone could do it for me so I could go on vacation and imagine all the fun Christmas activities and just fun vacation stuff to be had soon. I am getting giddy just writing about it, soon after all this studying and essay writing is done I'll be on vacation enjoying myself and just hanging out with my family, I fucking love it!!!!! Sorry for the language, but you are now in the hands of Giddy Mabel and believe me when I'm giddy I just have to share my excitement with some sort of curse word (sorry, all in good fun though). 
Anyways I think I'm about to just listen to a few more Christmas songs, while writing a to do list so I can quickly and easily finish all of my other assignment before next week. 

So Freaking Excited!!!!

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