Sunday, December 15, 2013

Blogmas Day 15: Buns of Steal

Today consisted of a lot of walking. We went to church early in the morning and then went to buy breakfast. After eating, my dad, sister, and I went to the swapmeet and it was packed. We walked so much and we had so many bags that we had to help each other out the entire time, by the time we were about to finish my sister decided to take the bags to the car while we finished looking. Once we got what we needed we headed home and rested for a bit. Then we went to the market to buy a few groceries since we won't be here all week, we also looked for clothes with my mom and bought her a few things. It was all the girls in Walmart, my mom, my two sisters, and I. Once we got out we went to buy Honey Boba and then headed to buy dinner, KFC. We dropped off my sister and my mom since my sister needed to pick up my nephews and go home to say goodbye to her mother-in-law before she went on vacation. My older sister and I went to put gas in the family car and then came back, unloaded the car and feed everyone. Once everyone ate my sister, mom, brother, and I headed to K-mart to look for pants for my mom, we didn't find any so we went to a nearby plus size boutique where we found 3 pairs for her. Then we headed to the 99 cents only store and bought a few more necessities and travel stuff. Then we went to another 99 to buy toilet paper. We finally came home and unloaded the car before resting. My sister and I just finished watching the mid-season finale of Once Upon a Time, it was good, but I can't believe it's gonna come back until March of next year, wtf?!? So now I'm going to play a few games or watch YouTube videos and then go take a shower later.
Hope your weekend was peaceful,

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