Monday, December 2, 2013

Blogmas Day 2: Presents

As I mentioned yesterday, my family and I go on vacation during Christmas break and we go out and buy presents for family members before travelling. Not only do we buy presents for family that lives down in Mexico (which is where we are going), but we buy things for ourselves. To be more exact, my dad buys us our Christmas presents early, he lets us pick out clothes we need. I just came back from a discount store named dd's Discounts (similar to Ross) and picked out three shirts for myself and my sister. This past Saturday we went to a swap-meet nearby that I buy my pants at so my dad bought me four pairs (I wore one yesterday so I don't have a picture, but they are just khaki jeggings exactly like the ones on dailylook). All of the pants were $12 each for plus size, which I am, and regular sizes are just $10. All of the pants I bought are skinny jeans and since I don't have any dark denim or just denim in general I decided to buy three pairs of dark denim skinny jeans, which all have great characteristics.
Live For Love baseball T $9.99, Green long sleeved button-down  $5.49, Hipster Skulls baseball T $8.99
Skinny Jeans: $12 each
My favorite shirt is the baseball T I'm calling the "Hipster Skulls", it's very soft and the combination of the colors is awesome, also the images are my favorite. I really enjoy baseball t's so when I found these I didn't even think twice about getting them. There was another baseball T that I didn't get, but it was long and it said "Keep calm and Twerk on" which I probably wouldn't wear so I passed that shirt up. There were a lot of great shirts, sweaters, and boots that I would have bought for myself, but I limited myself because I don't want to cram more things into my already full closet.
This is my last week of school before finals so I am trying to finish up on assignments that need to be turned in soon, that's going to be stressful and then I have to study for finals so I hope I can finish everything on time. Once I'm done I'm going to be so happy, I just keep reminding myself that I'll be on vacation soon, but then that just makes me want to stop everything and not do any work.

Vacation will come soon enough,

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