Friday, December 6, 2013

Blogmas Day 6: Lazy Day

Well hello everyone...
I'm posting a bit later than usual today I have no idea why, but not much happened today so let me just give a rundown of what I did.
Last night I fell asleep around 1am because I always get hooked on YouTube videos and just keep clicking on more suggested videos, so I woke up a few minutes before it turned 10am. After watching a few YouTube videos again (first place I check when I turn on a computer) while eating breakfast. I looked for a movie I plan on writing about for one of my classes.  I laid under the warm covers and watched "Rebel without a Cause". Once I finished watching it my dad came into my room and asked me to go buy some Christmas presents with him. So, I called my brother to come with us because he hasn't picked out any Christmas clothes yet. Once we got to Walmart I went to grab three pairs of pants for my sister I only found two pairs of pants that she wanted in her size so I had to go look for an alternative pair, once I found something her size I got that and went to help my brother find some shirts since he had already picked out two pairs of pants (he later found another pair since my dad knows that my brother rips his jeans fast). My brother ended up finding a bunch of different colors of flannel button ups for $7 so my dad just let him get whatever he wanted. We had to wait in a huge line in order to check out which is the only reason I hate Walmart (I never get in and out of there in less than 30min.  because of their lines). We came back home and I just watched more YouTube videos because I'm addicted. And then once my sister came home I ate a huge salad and watched more YouTube videos with her. Then we watched a Hulu movie called Motherhood with Uma Thurman. Once that was done I went to my brothers' house to hang out with him for about 2 hrs. And now I'm laying on my bed writing for you guys before relaxing with my sister for a few minutes. I take a shower around now and then I try to sleep (I actually try sleeping on Friday and Saturday nights because I have to wake up early the next day). 
Tomorrow is going to be a busy day so it might be smart to say that I will be posting late again. Until then be safe.

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