Wednesday, December 10, 2014

2014 Blogmas (Day 10): A Quest

Today was a long tedious day. Yesterday my dad's brand new TV+DVD combo stopped working so we tried to fix it. The DVD player didn't want to load the disks and instead spit them back out. This morning I researched any ways of fixing the problem and found out that many other people who bought this brand of televisions had the same issue and it cost much more to repair it than to actually buy the TV. We bought it for our house in Mexico so we didn't want to buy another one and then have it happen again in Mexico because we wouldn't be able to bring it back and replace it since it's too much of a hassle to travel with. 
So, we took it back to Best Buy and got our money back. We then went to Walmart, Kmart, and a Target to look for a similar type of TV+DVD player combo. We found one at Kmart that had a Sale sign on it for $139.99 which was fine since it had both things and it was RCA and 24" which is a bit bigger than the one we just returned. Once we went to check out we were told that it wasn't on sale and we had to wait for a price check and for them to figure out why it was marked as if it was on sale. We ended up leaving and coming back home. My dad decided to wait until Saturday when the weekly store sale catalogs come to see if anything we like gets placed on sale. 
We were walking around so much which I don't mind, but I was wearing my brand new shoes in order to break them in (thinking I would be home all day) and my feet hurt so bad that I had to take them off right when we got home. We also had to go to church this evening so I decided to wear my jeggings and a new shirt. Here is today's outfit (I changed into my old converse afterwards)...
Hopefully tomorrow is more relaxing.

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