Sunday, December 7, 2014

2014 Blogmas (Day 7): Walking Walking Walking

Since I'm out of school, my parents are taking advantage of having me home in order to go shopping for gifts. And are taking advantage of the weekends by going to swapmeets (we only have next weekend left). Today I woke up early in order to go to a swapmeet with my parents and we got a lot of things. I got socks and a trench coat (my parents also want to get me new sneakers because I'm always wearing my very ripped converse). We got back home about 2 hrs later. We then did the usual weekly grocery shopping.
Once we got back home from the market my sister and I went to a bunch of different stores in search for more gifts and some pants she wanted. We went to target (I got a portable speaker from the dollar spot at the entrance). She didn't find the pants so we went to Ross for presents, my presents were a comforter and a purse and we bought my parents a blanket. Then we went to JCPenny found nothing so finally we went to Avenue my sister bought her leggings, we found an outfit for my mom, and I got leggings since they were buy one get one 50% off.
We finally got home and ate lunch/dinner. Since my nephews were still here I went over to my brother's house to watch funny videos with them and my sister (their mom). They left around 5pm because they have school tomorrow and still have things to do before then. I came back to my room and my sister and I watched Home Alone 2. We finished just in time to start watching Once Upon a Time. Once it ends I'm probably just going to watch YouTube videos and rest.
I'll post pictures and prices of what I got tomorrow since the lighting is really bad right now. Get excited!

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