Thursday, December 4, 2014

2014 Blogmas: Freedom (Day 4)

Today was my last day as an undergraduate! Possibly my last day ever in school. So to celebrate I made a little video which for some reason I can't upload so I'll try to link it here...
I actually had a good experience in college, but I'm just glad to have finished. Now I can start the next chapter in my life which hopefully includes a career and a license (I'm the last one in my house who needs to learn how to drive). I'm going to start looking for a job next year just because I'm going to Mexico in two weeks so there's no point in starting something now. So this is going to be a break in between. 
I know I wrote a similar post yesterday, but I'm just excited about ending my schooling (for now). Tomorrow I will continue with blogmas with hopefully a fun post that doesn't contain school talk. 
See you then!

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