Tuesday, December 9, 2014

2014 Blogmas (Day 9): Christmas Shopping

We finally went shopping today instead of staying home all day. We first headed to JCPenny where we bought my eldest brother's gifts since he's tall and that's the only place nearby with a big & tall section. We then headed to Walmart to buy my sister a few sweaters and essentials, we also went back to Avenue to buy her two more pair of leggings. Once we got their things my dad took me to buy a pair of shoes, so since Payless was nearby and is having their Christmas sale (50% off most shoes) I decided to go there. I was hoping to get a nice pair of boots I saw a few weeks ago and where close to $50, but they didn't have my size (in any store nearby). I finally got a pair of sneakers that would be quick to slip on. They were reduced to $19.99 which is great for a simple pair of sneakers.
We got home sometime after 12pm so I had lunch before going out again. I had a few small errands to run like go to the post office and then buy some food for my parents. I had something small since I knew I was going to have dinner soon.
I didn't like this particular flavor of Naked juice, so I only drank a bit and then gave it to my mom who actually enjoyed it. After going to run my errands, I layed down for a bit because I started to get a head ache. 
Now I'm just with my brother about to play a bit before 8pm when our shows come on.

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