Sunday, December 14, 2014

2014 Blogmas (Day 14): Errands

These next few days are going to be tough because of the small amount of time that we have before traveling to Mexico. We plan to leave Thursday afternoon so that means that Blogmas is ending on Day 17 (unless I find free Wifi on the road). 
Today was just as busy as yesterday. I woke up and went to buy breakfast for the family. Once we finished eating we went to buy groceries. After coming back from the groceries my sister and I went to buy her godson a present. Once we got back home we ate dinner. After dinner my sister came over and we hung out until a bit after 6pm. Once they went home my sister, mom, and I went to buy some more necessities, but the stores we planned to go to where already closed. So we just ended up going to CVS in order to pick up some prescriptions and then we went back home. We finally just watched Once Upon a Time and I completed a project. That project being removing beads from my huge Domo doll and stuffing it with the normal stuffing (turning it into a pillow). 
You can still see a few beads on his face. Those things got stuck on me and went all over the place so I need to clean my room up again tomorrow.

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