Tuesday, December 2, 2014

2014 Blogmas: Rainy School Day

I woke up to a rainy day which meant layers 
I'm wearing a long sleeve gray shirt, a long purple Mossimo sweater, and my "anorak" jacket on top, as well as a homemade scarf.

I usually wear my black leggings to school because I'm here all day and I want to be comfortable and of course my old ripped up converse (for the same reason I wear my leggings). I'm all about comfort.
I have a long break between classes so I went out into the rain for a bit to look for a place to edit a video, but all the labs were closed so I decided to wait for the actual lab I was going to use which opened at 2:15pm. So for an entire hour I got to sit down and watch YouTube videos which is so fun since almost everyone that I am subscribed to is doing vlogmas, which makes me even more excited for Christmas. Once it turned 2pm I trekked up the hill that is next to the campus and has the building for my major, my anorak is great for the rain I only got a little wet. 
I was the first one in the lab which looks a little something like this...
I finally finished editing at 5pm and am currently writing this blog post while I wait for it to turn 6:10pm which is when my class starts (luckily I don't have to go anywhere because my class is in this exact room). Hopefully, I get out early today because I watch two things on Tuesdays, The Flash and Supernatural. Usually my professor lets us out at around 8pm even though the class is actually supposed to end at 10pm. This is the last week before finals so I don't know if he'll let us out at the usual time.

Anyways that's all I did today, yesterday was my day off from school so I went to the library and bought two books which I will do a video on my YouTube channel sometime next weekend. It'll be my December Book Haul, there is going to be a rummage sale at my local library next Friday so I'm holding off until then.
Tomorrow is also my day off and I plan on resting since it will also be raining tomorrow as well as studying for a quiz I have this Thursday (hopefully my last day of school). I say hopefully because the class I am waiting for might meet next Tuesday for the final, but I'm not really sure because the professor hasn't confirmed anything.

Anyways this is getting long so I will see you all again tomorrow for Day 3 of Blogmas.

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