Monday, December 8, 2014

2014 Blogmas (Day 8): OOTD & Gift Pics.

Today's post is going to be all the pictures I promised yesterday. Today I just cleaned my room and watched videos all day instead of going shopping. We are waiting on a delivery so until it gets here we might not be going out. 
First gift I want to share are my leggings which where buy one get the second 50% off. The regular price of these are $34.
Next are the socks I got, they were two packs for $5. Each pack has four pairs of socks.
After the market yesterday we also went to the 99 cents only store where I got this pack of 6 socks for just $1.99. Such a low price for a bigger amount of socks in a pack with a huge array of designs. 
Another piece of clothing I got yesterday was a $300 trench coat for just $12!!! 
The inside has a fox fur vest that can be removed (via zipper) for those days when it's not that cold.
While watching Home Alone 2 last night we got to use the portable speaker since the audio on the computer was a bit low. It cost $5.
The last two things are the Christmas presents from my sister that I am in love with.
Since I'm always in my room I thought I should "invest" in a duvet for my bed (I'm always in bed). 



I love them, the material is super soft and the decorative pillows are just as comfy to rest my head on as my normal pillows. I'm seriously on Cloud 9!

My last gift is my, "I'm a grown up now" gift. I wanted a simple structured purse that I could wear anywhere and with any outfit. 
This is an Anne Klein purse, the type/style name is the Jazzy Geo in Black MM. It's regular price was $85, but I got it for $39.99.

Before I go here is my outfit of the day where I wore my new leggings, a new shirt, new socks (old converse), and my new purse.
Since my eyes/temple was starting to hurt I let my hair air dry and then put it up in a loose bun. I also wore my prescription glasses because I haven't been wearing them for a few days.
Anyways, I'm all set I got more than I wanted this Christmas. The only thing I was hoping for was the comforter and I got it. I'm so excited to just celebrate Christmas with the family now and go out and search for my siblings gifts.

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