Wednesday, December 17, 2014

2014 Blogmas (Day 17): Last One this Year?

Today I packed some things I had forgotten to place in my luggage, I still need to pack some stuff tomorrow morning because I need to use them tonight (i.e. pajamas and toothbrush). I'm also taking my backpack with my electronics and a book and then a few things to entertain me while we drive (as if I was a child). Tomorrow I am going to make some chicken wraps so that we won't have to stop as often as usual in order to eat. We also went to Walmart today in order to buy two big bags of trail mix and other snacks. My dad and I might go back again tomorrow morning while my siblings are working in order to buy salads and brown rice (because there is none in the small town we go to!). I also charged my iPod and downloaded all the podcasts I haven't listened to and if my iPod doesn't run out of energy then I'm not going to be bored at all on the ride down to Mexico (and possibly the ride back home). 
Tomorrow we also need to load everything into the car and hopefully remember everything we need. We need to do so much in one day that it's nuts and meaning this is possibly my last Blogmas post, but here's to hoping that I find Wifi once we arrive in our town or on the road. So if I don't write again I want to wish everyone health, happiness, peace... and of course Happy Holidays!

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