Monday, December 15, 2014

2014 Blogmas (Day 15): Nothing

So today I basically did nothing, but watch YouTube videos. Although in between watching all the videos I curled my hair with a new curling wand my sister bought me from Walmart. It is a 1" barrel Bed Head Curling wand and it heats up pretty fast and actually works great, it only cost $11. My sister also bought me the Bed Head 1" straightener (for the same price), but I might wait to use that later on. 
Once my siblings came home from work we went to the stores we tried to go to last night and we bought things we are giving to family members in Mexico. We also bought some hair dye from Sally's because my mom wants me to dye her hair before leaving. 
Tomorrow I plan on dying her hair which means I have to wear some old clothes because I always manage to get paint on my clothes. I'm also going to start packing since we only have two more days before we leave. I need to make a check list as well because I don't want to leave anything behind.
These last two days are going to be nuts because I have to wear what I don't plan on taking and I haven't even figured out what to take yet. Also, the actual day that we leave is always my least favorite because everyone is yelling and nervous and it's just annoying. It makes me not want to be stuck in a car with everyone, but once we leave our house and realize that we have everything we need then that's when it starts to get fun. Even though the best part of the trip is when we actually arrive at our destination because by that time we just want to stretch out on our beds and fall asleep for hours.
Anyways sorry if the next two posts are short, but I'm not doing much and I just want to relax and use the internet as much as possible while I still can.

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