Friday, October 9, 2015

An original

Out of all of the Child's Play movies I feel like I only missed one, but then I saw this one on Netflix...

Which I had no idea about so not only have I not watched the 3rd part, but I also had this film to tackle. So, today I watched Curse of Chucky and if you haven't seen any of the other movies it's fine, the only other movies referenced where the first and fourth films. In other words Andy and Chucky's wife are mentioned, but not a big part of the plot. 
I jumped once, but I knew it was coming because it's one of those classic horror movie scenes. It wasn't scary, not a lot of deaths, and it took around 45 minutes for Chunky to do his thing. It was good overall and I had no idea why they made this film and how it was relevant until Chucky himself explained it (poorly). 

Yesterday I also watched The Corpse Bride with my brother, who had never seen it before. I thought I'd mention it since it is also a Halloween type film. Anything directed by Tim Burton is good so not much more to say, love the characters, the story, and the film. 

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