Monday, October 5, 2015

The Witches

The Witches is a film that came out two years before I was born, but the costumes and graphics are so good. The movie was good, but to much talking and not scary at all. The witches makeup was awesome and there are so many costume ideas that came from watching this movie. 
It started raining again today so I got under the covers and watched this movie. This is the best weather for these types of films or any film actually. I don't know if I would watch this movie again, but it's a movie I can now reference and know about. I had seen images of this movie before so now I'm familiar with it and I will understand where the images come from. 

It's more of a family film than anything else. So if you want to introduce preteens to these kinds of films I would definetly show them this, they can only get scared once since the makeup is so good. The head witch has the best makeup and she's the one to watch out for when sharing this film with younger kids. 

Hopefully more scary movies to come in the next few days, we shall see...

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