Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Not a Zombie!?!

After watching the first part of this movie I researched how many movies where left to watch and saw that there were 4 movies in this series and that this movie inspired the Quarantine movies (basically the English version). So since the first film left you wondering what happened to a character and to the building she was in, I decided to watch the second one today. And questions where answered, but now we have more characters who we are left wondering about. So, I will be looking into the next two films in these upcoming days (they are on Nexflix). 

Rec 2 wasn't scary, watching it during the day versus at night (with headphones) changes that. I watched it without subtitles and I still got what was happening although I didn't understand some of the characters' dialog at times. I wouldn't watch these movies again, but I will continue with them since I am already invested in them and they aren't horrible. 

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