Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Boring Inn

Today I watched a bad movie, as in never watching it again movie. It was played out completely wrong and the acting was bad. It seemed as if they were trying to be funny at points with the writing/dialogue of the film, but failed. The parts in the movie where we were supposed to get scared were ruined by the sound fx and/or music. The movie I am talking about is THE HAPPY HOUSE.

There were points in the movie that were not even believable and they tried to confuse you about the innkeepers, but stopped at one point and brought in another story. If anyone has ever read the ghost story about the escaped convict they used that here and it sucked. The convict was crazy and they tried to show that by making him repeat phrases and in the end he's too dumb to even kill some of the characters. 

This movie was boring, stupid, and not scary at all. Did I mention the bad characters and how unbelievable they were? Anyways, tomorrow I'm watching a classic I haven't seen in a while so as to not be disappointed.


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