Friday, October 2, 2015

Not so Scary

I've had a picture of a movie cover in my icloud for a while from a trip to Mexico, I tend to find a lot of movies I want to watch, but then just end up documenting them in order to look them up once I have an internet connection. This movie cover had three different movies in it and so I had no idea which one I had been interested in so I looked up the first movie which doesn't translate well from English to Spanish so after watching a trailer on YouTube I found out what the movie was, but IMBD told me it was actually titled Grave Halloween, a Syfy original movie.

As the trailer above suggests this movie is about the Suicide Forrest located in Japan and a girl's journey to find her mother. There are two camera angles at the beginning of this film because it is supposed to be a documentary about the girl for a class project. Once everyone realizes that going there was a bad idea they stop filming. There are a lot of "dead bodies" and death scenes in this movie so if that isn't your thing don't watch. If you want to see a movie that isn't scary then watch this movie, it was made for TV so maybe that's why it isn't the typical scary movie. Although it still has that stereotypical scary monster. Side-note, why are Asian "monsters" always pale face and long black oily hair characters? Anyways, it was an okay film, but I would not watch it again because of the story.

The character goes to find her mother in order to give her spirit peace, but the only thing that happens is a creepy looking woman comes back to life and kills the surviving friends of her daughter. We also learn that the main character has a sister and her mother killed her and the flashback of that is a quick and dumb explanation of how and when it happened in the main characters life. It felt like they were just trying to end the movie and had no idea how to do it.

So, no I wouldn't re-watch this film and I didn't enjoy it as much as I would like towards the end because the story didn't really get resolved. There were little details added into the movie that they didn't talk about at the end. Although like I said they tried to finish the film so quickly that at one point the box the main character had the entire time was just left in the forest and not mentioned again. This box (and its contents) were brought up throughout the film and then it was abandoned meaning we never figure out who it actually belonged to and the meaning of its contents.

Tomorrow I might be watching a film that a lot of people became sick from watching because of its filming style, so look forward to that. It might change though because I work tomorrow and might not have time to watch a movie. We shall see...


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