Sunday, October 11, 2015


Today I watched a movie that came out last year. The Babadook is about a boy that needs a spanking and a mom that lets him do whatever he wants. In the beginning of the film I thought exactly that, midway through the film I felt like the mom needed a good spanking, and by the end I was just done. This film isn't memorable to me, I literally just finished watching this and already forgot most of the film. 
[my thoery]
I think the mom is just unable to function because of her past and her crappy family and she's just about had it and writes a book that might scare the crap out of her kid. It was the wrong approach when trying to discipline her kid. She places the book in his room for him to find and then because she's nuts she thinks her story is real and just makes her son's life a living nightmare. 

If you watched or will watch this movie let me know what you think about this film and what happened in it. 


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