Friday, October 30, 2015


I've watched many Tim Burton films and have talked about it a lot, but there are other directors out there that do a lot of similar work and sometimes do much creepier work. When I was in college I was talking to someone that told me to look up a David Lynch film whenever I got the chance, I wrote it down and that was that. I had been wanting to look up one of his films for a while so I decided to do it today. I looked up David Lynch on YouTube to see what I could find, then I looked up David Lynch movies and one of the first films that popped up was Rabbits. I knew his films where supposed to be creepy, but I had no idea what else to expect. Based on the comments I saw on this video a lot of people, like me, didn't understand what was happening and thought that what they were watching had to do with the holocaust. I have no idea, but this film was boring and strange. I wouldn't watch it again, but I do want to look into his other work and see if there are better films. Rabbits is supposed to be like a 9 episode sitcom so maybe that's why it was so weird, but maybe a different one would make more sense to me. If you end up watching it let me know what you think about it and your interpretation of it.

Tomorrow is finally Halloween, I am going to be working so I won't get to celebrate it like most other people. I'll be back tomorrow with the last Blogoween of this year not with a movie, but with something else. Let me know what you plan on doing tomorrow.


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