Sunday, October 25, 2015

Missing Weekend

You probably noticed that I missed two days of Blogoween...I did watch a film on Friday, but I got called into work last minute and I didn't get to write about it. I basically worked Thrusday-Sunday (today) so I didn't get any time to post these last two days. Luckily I got out of work at a normal time today so I can do a recap of Friday's film. I watched Dark Shadows which I had never watched before, basically one of the only recent Tim Burton films I hadn't seen yet. I actually remember when it was being advertised and thinking it was a completely different type of movie from what it actually is. 
My friend took a picture of me in front of the movie "poster" when we went to the movies once, I searched through my old Facebook posts and found the picture...

It was a good film, I hated the witch so much which shows how good of an actress and character she is. I would like to see why the ghost goes to the girl that he falls in love with and see more from her character. I don't think people wouldn't notice someone was a werewolf if they were a baby, babies can't hide that. Other than those few flaws it was good and I would watch it again. 

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