Thursday, October 8, 2015

Just a boat

The last movie in the Rec series, Rec 4: Acopolisis, took place in a ship. It worked with the storyline, but why a damn ship. 

Not enough zombies in a ship...
The first zombie we encounter in this movie is around 30 minutes into the movie. The rest of the time it's a few zombies and a lot of trying to answer all the questions in the series. BUT there is no real resolution, the parasite that started it all never got killed and the ending was open enough for another film to be released one day. The film was fine, but I could have gone without this one. People get killed without explanation and no one ever does what needs to be done. I mean at one point in the film they could have easily chopped the parasite in half and ended it, but instead they killed off the character who was being possessed by it. And I actually liked that guy! Anyways, not a good ending to this series, but that's probably because sometime in the near future there will be a Rec 5 that is probably going straight to DVD or Netflix.

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