Wednesday, October 28, 2015


On Wednesdays I tend to hang out with my brother all day because we watch Supernatural together at night. When he came home from work I asked him if he would watch a horror movie with me and he actually agreed as long as he got to choose. He isn't a fan of horror movies so I thought this would be great. We actually went out and bought snacks before picking a film out. We came back home ready to chose the film and the internet didn't Wi-Fi, no Netflix. So we decided to watch one of our own movies, one we have watched plenty of times. We had just watched the first film a few days ago so we watched the second one. It's one of our least favorite, but the small details complete the entire story. We watched Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

I love to watch Harry Potter films anytime throughout the year, it's great for all holidays and people.

Other than that my brother and I watch a lot of episodes of random shows, YouTube videos, stand up, and Arthur when we eat dinner. Speaking of I really want to be one of the characters from the show because it's a simple costume idea. All you would need is regular clothes, similar to the one the character wears and the ears for that character.

Anyways, it's Halloweek which means a lot of shows are doing their Halloween specials this week which are always good.

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